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NSS-CDS Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

To email all members of the BOD, use this address:

  • Joseph Citelli, Chairman,
    Phone (954) 646-5446 (Term expires May 2017)
  • TJ Muller, Vice Chairman,
    Phone (813) 748-3180 (Term expires May 2016)
  • Cheryl Doran, Treasurer,
  • Forrest Wilson, Secretary,
    (Term expires May 2016)
  • Joe Tegg, Program Director,
    (Term expires May 2016)
  • Al Clements, Program Director,
    Phone (352) 575-8156 (Term expires May 2017)
  • Jim Wyatt, Training Director,
    Phone (352) 363-0013 (Term expires May 2017)

Staff Members

  • Adam Hughes, Manager
    Phone 561-704-3038
  • Cheryl Doran, Editor
  • Edd Sorenson, Safety Officer

Program and Committee Members

Abe Davis Coordinator Eric Parks
Awards Eric Parks
Cartography Michael Poucher
Cave File Coordinator Michael Poucher
Conservation Michael Angelo Gagliardi
Educational Outreach Open  
Events Open  
Exploration Mat Bull
Landowner Relations Open


Photography Open  
Property Manager (Cow) Cathy Lesh/Dive Outpost
(386) 776-1449
Property Manager (School Sink) Paul Heinerth/Scuba West
(386) 776-2299
Property Manager (Mill Creek) Charles Roberson

Scientific Investigations Dr. Thomas Sawicki  
Sump Diving Forrest Wilson
Technology Committee Sylvester Muller