2015 NSS-CDS Midwest Workshop List Of Speakers

List Of Speakers

The speakers for the 2015 Workshop are Midwestern folk. OK, maybe Forrest Wilson lives a bit too far southeast, and Mark Wenner too far east to be considered Midwest, but hopefully you’ll get the picture. We’re drawing from people who live in close proximity to this presentation, while traveling far and wide to find cave passage. 

Statement from the NSS-CDS Training Committee on Eagles' Nest

The NSS-CDS does not now nor will it ever condone the training of any student at Eagles' Nest except under the following conditions:
The student is a fully certified cave diver and the student is either trimix certified or undergoing trimix training with an instructor who is a trimix certified instructor and is in the cave with them. We do not approve or condone training anyone in Eagles' Nest for courses such as Advanced Nitrox, or Decompression Procedures even if the student is a fully certified cave diver.

Cathedral Sink Closed

The Cathedral Sink divesite managed by the NSS-CDS is closed until further notice.  Issues with the site have been identified and the NSS-CDS Board of Directors have agreed to close the site until the issues can be resolved.

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