In response to the rampant misinformation being propagated by well-meaning but grossly misinformed persons we have decided to post the facts about certain issues rather than allow incorrect information to be perceived as factual.

This is NOT a thread so please do not expect an online response or debate.  If you have questions please feel free to contact a board member or attend the next meeting.

Election for BoD Members and By-Laws


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Proposed changes to the By-Laws to be voted on in the next election

Your board has been busy with many things during the last quarter, the most prominent of which is the sale of Cathedral Sink, the details of which will be discussed in an article by our property manager, Al Clements.  Al worked very hard on this project and I believe the membership will be pleased with the outcome.  We also voted on several important proposals which will critically affect the future of the CDS.

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NSS-CDS Instructor Listing

Current NSSCDS Instructors as of January 2016


Jon Bernot, 378 Cave
High Springs, Florida, USA


Brent Booth 241 Cave
High Springs, Florida, USA
Stage, Sidemount, DPV, Overhead Nitrox, Sponsor

Two New Cave Instructors from Mexico

This week the NSSCDS training committee certified two new cave instructors who live in Mexico. Please welcome Luis Sanchez and Ricardo Castillo to the ranks of NSSCDS cave instructors....the best cave instructors in the world. 

Details to follow...


Statement from the NSS-CDS Training Committee on Eagles' Nest

The NSS-CDS does not now nor will it ever condone the training of any student at Eagles' Nest except under the following conditions:
The student is a fully certified cave diver and the student is either trimix certified or undergoing trimix training with an instructor who is a trimix certified instructor and is in the cave with them. We do not approve or condone training anyone in Eagles' Nest for courses such as Advanced Nitrox, or Decompression Procedures even if the student is a fully certified cave diver.

NSS-CDS Training Programs

Becoming a Certified Cave Diver

The NSS-CDS breaks the process of becoming a fully-certified cave diver down into four steps. These steps can be taken as individual courses, or combined into four-, six- or eight-day programs. With each step, students’ knowledge, abilities and experience grow. So, too, do the limitations imposed on them, as the following chart shows:

NSS-CDS Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

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