Cavern and Cave Refresher In Water Workshops, Oct 14-17, 2014

On October 14, 15, 16 & 17 the training department will be conducting cave diver refresher classes at Ginnie Springs. These workshops are in water and can be conducted at any level participants are certified to.

Past refreshers have included: installing a primary line properly, installing jumps, gas sharing exits, primary light failures, lost buddy & line exercises, circuits, proper propulsion techniques and will be conducted in accordance with NSS-CDS training standards. is on the move

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An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy
Written By: Joe Citelli NSS-CDS Chairman


On Christmas Day 2013 a father and son lost their lives while embarking on an ill thought out, poorly planned diving expedition to Eagles Nest Cave in Hernando County Florida.  The 32 year old father and his 15 year old son ventured into what is considered an extremely advanced technical cave system and it claimed both their lives.  Or did it?


NSS-CDS Webinar on cavern and cave diver training

This webinar is about one hour long. The NSS-CDS training director presents a narrated Powerpoint presentation discussing the basics of cavern and cave diver training.

NSS-CDS Mentors/Guides

NSS-CDS Mentors/Guides

The NSS-CDS board of directors in conjunction with the NSS-CDS training committee is developing a list qualified cave divers who we feel are properly trained to act as guides and/or mentors for cave divers who want to dive with a guide or mentor.

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